EcoFootprint Romania Project

REFE Documentary Out Now!

The long wait has ended! The REFE Documentary – “4 to 1 Earths: An Adventure in Ecology” is out now.

Watch it here:


20 young people gather in a village in the heart of Maramures, an enchanting area in North Romania, and face the challenge of saving the planet. They realise that if they were to continue their lives in the city unchanged, humanity would need four Earths to survive. In their quest, they discover ways to reduce their consumption and ecological footprint, but it’s not always easy. Their adventures lead to funny, touching and absurd moments, as well as love, falling in love and true solidarity. Their journey is fraught with strong emotions of rebellion, egotism, but also a desire to make a change. Will they manage to become aware of the planet’s problems and reduce their ecological footprint so that one Earth is enough instead of four? How they will solve all these challenges you will find out in the 10 episodes of the documentary.


The REFE project aims to raise awareness on humanity’s lifestyle impact on Earth’s health both for youngsters and adults. It focuses on participants’ understanding of how they affect the environment’s capacity to sustain their current way of living. Educating the younger generations is the best way to secure a better future for humanity. Furthermore, the participants can see that, by modifying some of the aspects of their current lifestyle, they can actively participate in long term protection of Earth, by making more sustainable decisions from this point forward, having a significant contribution to ecosystem health.