EcoFootprint Romania Project


We are working to build a world where people live in harmony with nature


The EcoFootprint Romania project supports the transformation towards an environmentally conscious school system in Romania and Austria by promoting ecological education and sustainable lifestyles to teachers and governmental institutions. In addition, teachers from Slovenia and Germany will benefit from a structured training course, offering impulses for environmentally conscious school systems. An improved ecological education, along with a sustainable lifestyle, is scientifically proven to trigger a reduction in CO2 emissions and thereby will support reducing the ecological footprint of both Romania and Austria in the long term. As the project has a focus on Romania, it contributes to Romania’s National Sustainable Development Strategy and the 2021-2030 Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan.


Our project enables Romanian teachers to successfully convey principles of a sustainable lifestyle to their pupils and to sensitize them towards environmental awareness. 

These teachers gain detailed knowledge of the ecological footprint calculator and how to use it with their pupils; they become experts in reducing the individual’s and even the school’s ecological footprint and applying it to the grade 6 curriculum successfully. 

Additionally, Austrian teachers learn from their Romanian colleagues’ experiences and case studies and will be enabled to use the same teaching materials and tools with their pupils. Furthermore, teachers from Slovenia and Germany benefit from the well-structured training course in their native language, enabling them to teach the ecological footprint concept (with structured examples and materials) to their pupils.

OUR outputs


— Ecological Footprint Calculator

An ecological footprint calculator calibrated for Romania is developed, including a solution page and information on how to reduce one’s footprint (based on the calculator from the “SustainAware”-project).


— Training Materials

Training materials (on- & offline) are developed to train teachers on how to use the ecological footprint calculator, on how to make their pupils familiar with environmental problems, and on how to sensitise them towards environmental awareness (based on the grade 6 curriculum from the REFE-project).


— Accredited trainings

During accredited trainings (3-5 days on site or alternatively online, 100 hours in total with supervision and evaluation), approximately 60 teachers are trained on how to use the ecological footprint calculator and how to implement ecological awareness into their day-to-day educational programme.


— Raising Awareness

A dissemination campaign is developed and implemented in Romania, Slovenia, Germany and Austria, including a conference for 2500 teachers, video materials, social media campaign and the project’s results presentation at a teacher conference with 120 participants.