EcoFootprint Romania Project

Project Upscaling Potential

Through the documentation of experiences and tangible outputs, such as the research results, teaching materials or the documentary, this project can be replicated and upscaled in other regions or countries, contributing to securing the project results in broader and longer terms. The aim is to serve as a best practice project and transfer the knowledge, experiences and outputs to other countries, such as Moldavia or Albania. This will happen through the invitation to the organized conference in Iasi in October 2022. Through a formerly conducted conference in Iasi, school teachers as well as university teachers from Moldavia showed strong interest in the planned project. Further, Uniqa Austria, who has close contacts in Albania, committed to support REFE in establishing contacts there too. Through this, Albania and Moldavia will be in the focus regarding the replicability of the project which will ensure a long-term use of the project’s outputs.

In Austria, we will invite four further EUKI funded projects to take part with us at the INTERPEDAGOGIKA Fair (probably in Graz), Austria’s most important educational fair, in November 2022. This participation aims to present the project’s experiences and results, accompanied by different activities and workshops. Through these activities a replicability and/or upscaling of REFE will become easier for potential new consortiums/partners in different countries. 

Additionally to the above-mentioned fair, an introduction of the project will be conducted in the rural Austrian regions Murau und Lungau and Austria’s biggest newspaper (Kronen Zeitung) also showed high interest in the project. This will keep the broad audience informed and interested, and thus contributes to the will and ability to replicate/upscale the project in those and other regions in the country.

The consortium’s already existing European network of teachers and educational entities as well as an enlarged network of other potential European partners reached via the conference and fair will also play an important role as multipliers and knowledge bearers. Members of the partner organizations’ network in Romania and Austria will broaden the scope of audience and thus, contribute to anchor the project’s results in a long term.

What will also support the replicability and upscaling of the project fundamentally though, is that all outputs and its parts (the curriculum, the documentary, the guide for the educational summer camp, the theatre script, the eModules and the report) will be made publicly accessible online. Through this, every interested party can access the material, adjust it to their context and use it for new projects. In addition, most outputs (e.g. teaching material, eLearning) will be offered in multiple languages, so that they can be used across Europe and thus, increase the probability of upscaling immensely.