EcoFootprint Romania Project

What Our Project is About

The main goal of our project REFE is to raise awareness regarding the consequences of climate change, consumerism and mass production, which are deeply rooted in the Romanian society. “Reducing the Ecological Footprint through Eco awareness (REFE)” aims to increase the knowledge of young people about the long-term consequences and provide good practice examples on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

To achieve this goal, 20 young people from an urban area will be selected and will take part in a 2-week training in Breb, Maramureș. Surrounded by nature and with a sustainable mindset, they will there learn how to reduce their ecological footprint. Based on the information gained during this training, a grade-6 curriculum will be developed in order to enable the spread of ecological thinking to a greater number of children. This will be created with a focus on eco-friendly ways of living and with the purpose to inspire children to adapt their lifestyle to environmental needs. The knowledge gained and the outcomes of this project will be disseminated in a conference and fair and will further be made available through an eLearning-Platform.

Through its goals and activities, REFE contributes to the National Climate Strategy of Romania, which mirrors the target of the Paris Agreement of having the country’s emissions reduced by 40% by 2030. Thus, we strongly believe that this project will support Romania to make use of its valuable knowledge to protect the environment and reduce the country’s ecological footprint through awareness-raising and capacity-building.