EcoFootprint Romania Project

Breb House 1

Educational Summer Camp

They will then attend a 2-week summer camp where they will learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and their carbon footprint will be measured once again.

Six theoretical workshops will be conducted (each twice) on the following topics:

  • Workshop 1: “General introduction on the Ecological Footprint” 
  • Workshop 2: “The Ecological Footprint of Nutrition  
  • Workshop 3 “Mini-Hectare Workshop – Living from the fair share of the world” 
  • Workshop 4 “Energy”
  • Workshop 5 “Water and waste”
  • Workshop 6 “Natural Materials”

Additionally, six practical workshops will be conducted (each 2 to 4 times, depending on the topic and the possible size of participants):

  • 1 “Shoemaking”
  • 2 “Natural Agricultural Cycles”
  • 3 “Building with stone, wood and clay”
  • 4 “Installation of Rainwater System”
  • 5 “Weaving”
  • 6 “Miscellaneous”

Lastly, a competition will be introduced, for which the participants will be split in two groups and will challenge each other on which group is able to reduce their Ecological Footprint more.