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Susținerea Ministerului Educației

Suntem foarte bucuroși să anunțăm că Ministerul Educației și Cercetării din România susține în mod deschis proiectul nostru, după cum se menționează în următoarea scrisoare, care este tradusă în engleză mai jos.

English translation:

‘To The Viennese Children’s Theatre “Children Play Theatre”
In the attention of Sylvia ROTTER,

The Ministry of Education and Research appreciates the seven-year collaboration with The Viennese Children’s Theatre “Children Play Theatre” in the project National Educational Initiative “Theatre in Education”. Provided this, we appreciate the fact that we can contribute this year as well to the implementation of your two new projects, which are addressed to the teachers and pupil: “AWAKE” (using theatre practices to increase pupil’s attention and capacity to concentrate) and “REFE” (part of the European Climate Initiative – EUKI – with the goal of educating about carbon footprint reduction and environmental protection).

We hereby communicate our willingness to collaborate with The Viennese Children’s Theatre “Children Play Theatre” for the good implementation of the two projects. For this purpose, the information regarding “AWAKE” and “REFE” will be disseminated via the usual communication channels: directly to the school inspectorates, on the website, on the Facebook account of the Ministry of Education and Research, within some public events, etc. Considering that the web pages of the projects are the simplest mode of dissemination, please communicate these to us when they will be functional so that we can make them known within the Romanian education system.

The person of contact from the Ministry of Education and Research is Mrs Catalina Chendea, inspector at the General Direction for Pre-university Education […].

Yours sincerely,

Sorin ION